We put the cherry on top of tech!

Our human-powered, AI-driven ‘Infrastructure as a Solution’ helps committed partners make the impact they’ve always envisioned. It’s time to properly fuel your ambition for growth.

Take the Guesswork Out of Growth

“Companies who master AI will steal $1.2 trillion from those who don’t.” - Forrester

A Smarter, Simpler, More Effective Way To Grow

Adding another time-consuming, confusing marketing & sales software tool to your tech stack is not the solution. Allow the power of our AI-driven infrastructure and all-in-one platform to simplify the growth process for you. Your company has products and/or services that need to be shared, and at Swētspot, we don’t just think you should survive, we believe that you deserve to thrive.

Not Just Automation, This is Machine Learning

swētspot platform doesn’t just help eliminate mundane lead generation and prospect nurturing tasks from your team’s daily activities, it learns and optimizes as it goes. This means consistent, continuous growth, all while allowing you or your sales team to do what they do best: close more deals with more ideal clients, more of the time.

More Meetings. More Sales. More Time.

Companies that have successfully implemented our AI infrastructure solutions have seen results like:

65 - 89%

Reduced Software Costs


Increased Conversion Rates


Monthly Meetings


Hours Saved Per User

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Industry leaders love us, and so will you.

Our Clients Get Real Results

See what our clients are saying about Swētspot

“I even had my calendar filling up while I was relaxing and enjoying the holidays. The team at Salesmaster ai combined with AI. What can I say? It’s amazing!”

Kiesha B

“Swētspot is awesome! My company has been searching for an all-in-one marketing solution for years. We’ve wasted tons of time and money on other solutions, but none of them were true all in ones, nor did they return the expected results.”

Karlton H,

“Swētspot has given me the support I need in developing my career as an international business consultant and help me fortify the trust in my partners.”

Jarrett A.,

“The caring AI marketing company The company cares about its clients and will do all it can to satisfy clients’ needs. Offer outstanding AI services designed to improve the marketing process.”

Kennard B,

“Swētspot has not only changed our posture in the marketplace, but it has also helped to massively improve our forecasting projections. This team absolutely personifies what a ‘Service Provider’ looks like, feels like and IS like, in …”

Tehrann G.,

REAL Sales and Marketing Automation!! After working with literally hundreds of sales and marketing automation tools that all just cost my team money and time I was just about to throw in the towel when Swētspot found me.”

Michael M

Become a GovCon Giant: Future-proof Your Business with SwētSpot

The Swētspot Process

How we help you systematize growth.

Swētspot analyzes what’s being searched, mentioned, liked/disliked or neutral about any product, service, company, or keywords.


We then use the insights gained from our analysis to reverse engineer and design your specialized solution.


We validate the data by scoring it against billions of data points related to sales and their results.


Our AI continues to optimize the process while experts monitor the behavior and the results. We then rinse and repeat for the life of the service.

Stop spending too much of your time navigating endless systems.
Sell and close more deals. Have more time for your business big picture.
Focus on your own personal growth, and family.