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Swētspot ai simplifies your entire marketing & sales cycle by putting all your communication points in one easy-to-use platform.

Swētspot Smart CRM

Set your CRM system and forget it!  You no longer spend time on tasks not generating revenue.  Prospecting to meeting follow-ups, to drip campaigns, are fully automated and ready to go.  You now focus on closing deals and making money!

Intelligent Calling

Don’t have time to make phone calls? Your calls are all a part of your follow-up process. This task is assigned and done with the click of a button. Automate a pre-recorded voicemail drop. Never again have to dig for relevant companies & contacts.

Website & Funnel Builder

Our intuitive website and funnel builder allows you to ditch any of the other funnel building programs you use. Keep everything neatly together for ideal workflow and tracking.

Appointment Booking Calendar

Keep your calendar booking system within our smart CRM platform.  Say goodbye to outside calendar integrations that need constant monitoring and integration management.

Learning Management System, Course & Product Builder

Build, manage, and host your entire membership area under one roof. Without having additional overpriced product systems.

Review & Reputation Management

Track and manage your customer satisfaction level and garner feedback in one easy to use tool within the Salesmaster AI platform.

Survey, Form, & e-Signature System

Easily send contracts, intake forms, or conduct survey research with your audience without having to use any separate integrations.

Email, SMS/Text & Voicemail Automations

Manage and automate all of your communication touchpoints with ease from one central place, to ensure consistent follow-up engagement.

Tracking, Analytics & Reporting

Keep tabs on all of your sales and outreach metrics, so you can follow your progress across our all-in-one platform.

machine learning

Our advertising tool uses machine learning to quickly develop a highly accurate a predictive model that ranks your site visitor’s likelihood of converting.

real-time sync’d behaviors

The data representing behaviors of visitors with the highest conversion potential are automatically synced to all key media platforms in real time.

auto-optimizing performance

Visitor-by-visitor behavior data automatically integrates into better and better performing lookalike audiences across your campaigns in Google, Facebook, The Trade Desk, and many more, completely taking the guesswork out of growth, and on average, a 29% increase in ROAS in the FIRST 60 DAYS.

AI Predictive Engagement, Content Creation & Scheduling Software

Take the guesswork out of growing your social engagement. Our AI predictive engagement offers ideal times and content suggestions to post, based on your industry. Quickly & fully schedule for weeks, months, and even years, knowing that the AI will continuously hone targeting, content suggestions, and posting times as it learns

Intelligent LinkedIn Automation Software

Develop conversational messaging sequences that retain your voice and personality without doing manual connection outreach. The AI learns & hones your targeting over time, providing ideal connections that lead to actual sales.

Smart Content Creation & Deployment

Create & post across your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google business pages from one central platform. No more switching between multiple programs to upload creative. Plus, with less open tabs and our simple workflow, you and your social team can spend more energy being immersed in creativity.

AI With a Human Touch

Safely automate and consistently improve your LinkedIn prospecting with an automation tool that responds & reacts like you do. Our Done-for-You tier is fully managed so that you don’t have to lift a finger and can generate meetings on autopilot. Integrated with Swētspot ai so all your leads are easily ported into the Swētspot CRM for continuous outreach (LinkedIn Sales Navigator required).

Swētspot Boosters

With boosters available to add to your business suite based on your specific needs, you can accelerate growth within every touchpoint of your company.


Combines our unique AI-based approach with world class human branding & design experts to create positioning & identities that make real impact with your clients.


Targeted, AI-Verified leads with up to 95% accuracy. Delivered to you monthly, so that there’s always a new set of ideal prospects in your pipelines.


For those looking to run paid traffic, or improve your current results, you can have your entire paid media campaigns managed for you, including branded content and copy creation. All campaigns are informed by our AI analysis, ensuring it’s the right messages for the right audiences.


Use our AI analysis & data gathering to capture data on any keyword in the world. The report contains relevant, inspiring, and validated material to build the content you need.

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