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SwētSpot offers a range of services to fulfill your contracting needs while satisfying your agency’s requirements.

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Data And Networking
  • DSL
  • Satellite
  • Cable-Internet-Data
  • Mpls Sd
  • Wan
  • Unified Communication As A Service
  • Sip Trunking
  • Contact Center
  • VOIP
Cellular / Wireless / Mobility / IOT
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Internet Of Things (LOT)
  • Sensors
  • Asset And Fleet Management
“XXXX” As A Service
  • Disaster Recovery As A Service
  • Cyber Security As A Service
  • Compliance As A Service
  • Help Desk As A Service
  • Application As A Service
  • NOC As A Service
  • Auditing And Billing Consolidation
  • Private / Public / Hybrid Cloud
  • Bi And Analytics
  • Health Insurance Savings
  • Web / App / E-commerce / Mobile Development
  • Mpls
  • Sd Wan
Technology Auditing Services
  • Telecom Billing Consolidation
  • Telecom Invoice Auditing
  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Cellular/mobility Auditing
  • Energy And Utility Audit
  • Compliance Auditing-hipaa, Pci, Soc 1-2, Sea 16, Hitrust
Other Technology Services
  • Tele-Health Solutions
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Point Of Sale
  • Credit Card Processing

Management Support Services

Program & Project Management

We provide program and project management by offering guidance, support, governance, and oversight for all IT projects within the scope to deliver on time, on budget, and in scope to ensure expected business outcomes and realized value.

Vendor Selection and Management

Our team manages service providers. Including everything from vendor selection to analyzing and improving sub-supplier performance, driving greater value from supplier relationships, and identifying and mitigating associated risks.

Service Integration and Management

Our service Integration and management planning monitors the integration of service delivery providers and activities to meet SLAs. Focused on managing multiple suppliers and integrating them to a single mission-facing IT organization. Activities are integrated interdependent services into end-to-end services that meet business requirements.

Innovation Management

We conduct enterprise architecture activities to provide a framework to capture, screen, and develop ideas and to implement service change accordingly. Service change can include specific technologies like automation, virtualization, artificial intelligence; new software applications; and communications.

Contract and Financial Management

We act as your contract and financial management specialist by leading and facilitating activities from contract signature through service transition and ongoing operations. Our expert team will serve as your primary contact for any and all related billing, financial or economic issues.

Technical Support Services



Our Enterprise Service Desk excels at providing our customers access to an experienced on-call Tier 1 IT specialist who’s role is to provide help with troubleshooting their issues remotely, or even on-site and escalate any issues to Tier 2 or 3 whenever it is necessary.



Our Application Management Services offer configuration, development, deployment, or integration services for custom-developed package applications and commercially available applications, including SaaS software, to increase the performance of the business or personal resources.



Network Services providing development, deployment, or integration of enterprise and local networking and communications equipment. Configuration, tuning, staging, training, installation, and operability testing. Design and implementation services that link with established or planned IT infrastructure



Our Enterprise Computing Services provides support for enterprise servers and storage systems. This service handles computing, storage, network, and IT. Some offerings may include virtualization services for apps, software, operating systems, and more.



Cybersecurity Services securing operation and maintenance of current IT systems, supporting development of new systems under federal, state, local, education, or tribal guidance per federal architecture requirements. Network intrusion detection and prevention, virus and spam eradication, content filtering, and analysis through a traditional or next-generation firewall.



Our Communication Planning and Policy Development is highly skilled in providing content in support of drafting and updating policy, including subject matter expertise accomplished in delivering relevant content and reviewing policies related to the accompanying scope of work.



Our Training Design and Development can provide training content and assist in developing training requirements relevant to the scope of this contract. The process for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining training modules, courses, and training media and hosting it on-premises is available.



Our Cybersecurity Insider Threat service is designed to work and support all activities related to Insider Threat, which, in most cases, provides security relevant meta-data of insider threat activities. Includes escalation protocols into the realm of law enforcement activities. At request, will provide expertise to support law enforcement activities (e.g., Forensics, the chain of custody).



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