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is collaborative platform

created as an easy-to-use system perfect for field managers and teams; virtually or in person, to teach and reinforce key skills.I.e; Sales, Customer Experience, Staff Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Safety.

It’s no secret that your employees are the most essential factor regarding success.

Culture, Productivity, and ROI

A well-coached employee

  • Performs consistently

  • Retains current customers

  • Grows your customer base

  • Stays with you and advances

  • Recruits other talent

A poorly coached employee

  • Loses business

  • Generates fewer referrals

  • Increases turnover

  • Increases operating costs

Leaders are Made not Born

Our Leadership Workshops unlock the potential of your management team.

Whether taking on the role as Supervisor for the first time or leading from the C-suite, our tools and workshops help you communicate and function more confidently and competently.

Leaders need to:

  • Protect the Organization
  • Support the Employees
  • Model the Behavior Desired in Others

Our Approach is Individualized with Content that is Customized to Your Specific Needs in the Public and Private sectors.

Introducing SwētE3

Boosting Team Performance Made Simple

At SwētE3, we specialize in helping teams achieve outstanding results. We work across various program areas, languages, roles, ages, and experiences to deliver customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our Approach

  • Customized Learning

    We design and develop personalized learning solutions for both classroom and online settings. Our programs cover everything from basic skill-building to advanced mastery.

  • Better Outcomes

    We use research-based experiential learning models that have been proven to increase engagement, participation, transfer of knowledge, and productivity.

  • Performance-Centric Instruction

    Our instructional models are designed to promote critical thinking, decision-making, collaboration, team-based skills practice, coaching, mentoring, and demonstrated competence.

  • Classroom Programs that Deliver

    Our unique Discussion and Coaching platform helps leaders effectively train and coach their teams. This online or in-person platform ensures seamless integration of skills and competencies, allowing participants to connect with each other more effectively.

Why Choose SwētE3?

Easy to Facilitate

Our tailored sessions, led by team leaders, focus on the essential behaviors for success in various aspects of organizational excellence. We cover areas such as contact centers, recruitment strategies, culture, customer experience optimization, staff development, and leadership enhancement.

Commitment to Collaboration

We understand that team development is not one-size-fits-all. Our approach actively engages participants, encourages collaborative discussions, and ensures the transfer of essential skills that address the unique challenges faced by both private sector and government agencies.

Advanced Skills and Certification

For those seeking more advanced skills and certification, we offer a robust online CSCL learning platform. Unlike traditional online learning, our CSCL platform makes skill-building, decision-making, and performance demonstration easy and enjoyable. It supports personal and enterprise learning objectives at various levels of performance.

SwētE3 simplifies and enhances team productivity for leaders and learners. We make it easy for you to excel in your everyday roles and responsibilities.

Key Features of our CSCL Platform

Easy to Use and Maintain

Our platform accommodates different instructional models and eliminates the need for specialized computer or instructional design skills. It can be accessed on screens of all sizes.

Grounded in Research and Practice

Our platform is the result of 20 years of experience in designing technology-enabled learning solutions. It enables subject matter experts and audiences to collaboratively design, share, and iterate multimedia content in real-time. It also provides real-time data on audience preferences, knowledge gaps, and skills demonstration.


Our CSCL platform ensures the integrity and security of your team or enterprise’s content and knowledge. It is hosted on a secure cloud-based platform with specifications compliant with HIPAA and Mil-Spec.