SwētE3 is collaborative platform created as an easy-to-use system perfect for field managers and teams; virtually or in person, to teach and reinforce key skills.I.e; Sales, Customer Experience, Staff Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Safety.

It’s no secret that your employees are the most essential factor regarding success.

Culture, Productivity, and ROI

A well-coached employee:

  • Performs consistently
  • Retains current customers
  • Grows your customer base
  • Stays with you and advances
  • Recruits other talent

A poorly coached employee:

  • Loses business
  • Generates fewer referrals
  • Increases turnover
  • Increases operating costs

Leaders are Made not Born

Our Leadership Workshops unlock the potential of your management team.

Whether taking on the role as Supervisor for the first time or leading from the C-suite, our tools and workshops help you communicate and function more confidently and competently.

Leaders need to:

Protect the Organization

Support the Employees

Model the Behavior Desired in Others

 Our Approach is Individualized with Content that is Customized to Your Specific Needs in the Public and Private sectors.