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Announcement: SwētSpot Division of Marvina Case Family of Companies Announces Strategic Acquisition of ArtemisX Defense

SwētSpot Division of Marvina Case Family of Companies Announces Strategic Acquisition of ArtemisX Defense

Clearwater, FL, January 16, 2024 - SwētSpot, a key division of the Marvina Case family of companies, is excited to announce its recent acquisition of ArtemisX Defense Inc. (“ArtemisX”). This strategic move propels SwētSpot to the forefront of the autonomous defense technology sector, emphasizing its commitment to American innovation and manufacturing.

The acquisition of ArtemisX Defense marks a pivotal moment for SwētSpot, enabling the company to lead in the research, development, and scaled production of autonomous vehicles. Artemis, renowned for its expertise in this field, will now enhance its focus on designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art autonomous vehicles tailored to meet the stringent demands of the US military. This collaboration brings together ArtemisX’s technological expertise and SwētSpot’s extensive resources and market influence, creating a powerhouse in the defense and space industry.

Marvina Case, CEO of SwētSpot, expressed her enthusiasm, “This acquisition is a major leap in our journey to revolutionize the military drone market with 100% American-made solutions. The combination of ArtemisX’s exceptional skills and our capabilities positions us to meet the Department of Defense’s needs effectively and at scale.”

Echoing this sentiment, Carl Cagliarini, President of ArtemisX Defense, stated, “Joining forces with SwētSpot is a transformative step for us. Together, we are set to overcome the current production bottlenecks and establish a new standard in military capabilities for the USA and its allies.”

This acquisition not only cements SwētSpot’s leadership in the market but also highlights its dedication to fostering American innovation and manufacturing. By focusing on the domestic development and production of drones and autonomous vehicles, SwētSpot is poised to make significant contributions to national security, economic growth, and job creation.

About SwētSpot: SwētSpot, a division of the Marvina Case family of companies, is a 100% minority and woman-owned business. As a leading provider of people, process, and artificial intelligence technology solutions, SwētSpot is committed to innovation and quality, striving to exceed the rigorous requirements of both military and private sectors.

About ArtemisX Defense: ArtemisX Defense boasts a team of experts in various technological fields, including Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The company has achieved significant milestones in Radio, Free Space Optics (FSO) laser technologies, satellite navigation systems, and threat detection sensors. Artemis has consistently delivered advanced capabilities, often surpassing larger corporations and academic institutions in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and project timelines.



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